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a coalition of various interests with the goal of protecting and improving rail service between Washington, Oregon, and California.

We encourage you to join us to protect the Coast Starlight, a crucial Amtrak train route connecting communities from Seattle to Los Angeles.


§       Increase community knowledge of the Coast Starlight and the benefits of train travel

§       Support community efforts to promote train travel to and from their communities

§       Inspire communities to improve their Amtrak stations

§       Work with Amtrak to improve and refine onboard service standards

§       Encourage Amtrak and host railroads to improve on-time-performance and shorten travel times

For more information and to track the progress of our goals, check out our Projects section.  To become involved, join our group.

Contacting the Coast Starlight Communities Network
Please direct comments and question regarding travel planning, ideas to improve the onboard experience, trip reports, website content and submissions to us via our Contact Us form.  For other inquiries, including media requests, please contact our Project Coordinators.

Project Coordinators

Jarrod DellaChiesa


Justin Walker



Station Liaisons





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