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How can I help the Coast Starlight and other Amtrak trains?



Amtrak is constantly forced to run its trains with inadequate funding from the federal government.  America’s long-distance trains, with proper funding and public support, can operate as successfully as the adequately funded, high-quality national rail systems overseas.


You can promote great transportation and protect

America’s trains by doing any of the following:


First and foremost…

Demonstrate that Americans want trains as a travel choice.  The easiest way for you to help the Coast Starlight is by riding the train yourself.  Bring your family and friends along for the ride!  Kids generally love trains!


Tell the story…

After your journeys, tell your family, friends, collogues, neighbors and everyone else you know about your journey.  Suggest that they take the train next time they travel!


Your elected officials…

Write your elected officials and urge them to support the Coast Starlight and other Amtrak trains.  Tell them of your journeys and how train travel has benefited you.  Urge them to provide Amtrak with a substantial and stable budget that supports our Long Distance train network, provides for additional equipment and rolling stock, on-board improvements, marketing and staffing.


Write to:

§         The President of the United States

§         The Vice President of the United States

§         Your US Senators

§         Your US Representatives

§         Your State Governor

§         Your State Senators

§         Your State Representatives

§         City Government Officials


Remind your officials that proper funding creates potential for:

§         Expanded capacity – maintain and acquire rolling stock

§         Enhanced services and amenities – onboard and in stations

§         Increased staffing levels – create jobs and increases service quality


Rail advocacy groups

Join the Coast Starlight Communities Network, National Association of Rail Passengers (NARP), the Rail Passenger Association of California (RailPAC), All Aboard Washington, and the Association of Oregon Rail and Transit Advocates (AORTA).  NARP and RailPAC are especially active advocates of the Long Distance trains.





We frequently post updates with our most current news, quick and simple ways you can support the Coast Starlight, and communicate with potential and current passengers while they are still onboard.


We limit our posts to quick points with links to additional information – we’re sure you’ll enjoy them!


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